An Easy, Accurate, Acceptable Way to Collect High-Quality Semen Specimens.

Finally, the Natural Choice.

Now it's easier to obtain high-quality semen samples for fertility and sterility testing and for use in other assisted reproductive technologies. The Male-FactorPak (TM) allows patients to collect a specimen during intercourse, providing a natural alternative to yesterday's tradition: masturbation. It also gives medical specialists the opportunity to work with more representative samples than ever before.

Studies show that semen samples obtained through intercourse are more viable than those obtained through masturbation. (1,2) Improved specimen viability and increased patient acceptance when masturbation is objectionable, are the benefits that medical professionals have been waiting for. (3)

                                                Competitive          Traditional
                            Male-FactorPak   Fertility Condoms   Collection Methods
Non-Spermicidal                    x                 x                   x
Psychologically Acceptable         x                 x                   x
Thin and Sensitive                 x
Easy to Use                        x                 x
Easy to Transport                  x                 x
Sterile                            x                 x
Less Costly                        x                                     x

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