Hy-gene Seminal Fluid Collection Kit

Now, a Hygienically Superior Semen Collection System for Viable Samples and Convenient Laboratory Analysis.

This sterile system consists of two key components: A comfortable, sensitive, non-spermicidal, polyurethane condom, and a hygienically acceptable vial for transporting the specimen to the laboratory.

Hy-gene's first advantage is that the patient may collect his specimen more conveniently at home during intercourse. Not only does this eliminate stress caused by objections to masturbation, it yields samples of superior viability. (1,2,3,4) The condom is made of ultra-thin, non-spermicidal polyurethane -- providing for user comfort while maintaining a biologically inert environment.

Hy-gene's second advantage offers substantial benefits to laboratory personnel. The handling of the condom is done only by the patient. A small scissor slice is made at the reservoir end of the condom. The patient then empties the contents through the system's funnel into the transport vial. The vial is sealed with a tight-fitting cap, and the funnel and condom are discarded. The patient applies the provided I.D. label and delivers the vial to the laboratory preferably within an hour, keeping the sample at near body temperature during transport.

The Hy-gene (TM) Kit contains a fertility condom, funnel, transport vial and label.

The specimen is collected then extracted from the condom through the funnel and into the transport vial.

The funnel is discarded and the transport vial is sealed and labeled.

The Method of Choice for Safe, Fast Easy Workups.

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Hy-gene Seminal Fluid Collection Kit: Model ACK-121
30 ct. case - $380
100 ct. case - $1205

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